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20190330 The 陰陽掌 YingYangZhang form, with details and application examples

First part. After the hands crossing the change is one movement

The second part with detailed explanation

the arm movement in second part and than the first part detailed demonstration

application why and how of the first front hitundefined

first part elbow usage / application. Where comes the force !?

Hiding the arm/elbow before hit, and about what kind of force to use

the force, sharp and short. the three bone force in the elbow

what kind of step and how is used during the elbow hit

pirst part, second part short review
and than details about step forward with 襠(dang) usage of the front leg. Back leg keep steady.

from narrow MABU (HORSE STANCE)騎馬步 using the 襠(dang) change to wider MABU and keep the force. when forward leg arrives the back leg follow, the stance is narrow MABU again. During the step the structure does not change, only use DANG!

during the MABU step the whole leg has the same force, only the DANG change.
This basic rule is valid for other steps during hit. The whole body is steady when step in with DANG. + application demonstration.

In application the side mabu step can be extended with leg kick

The elbow force use in daily life. Remember do not use shoulder ! It is not always hit, but the force should be there.

arm movements details. near the body, two arms and body harmony

Arm movements application.
there are more application videos after this one on the channel.

The 陰陽掌 YingYangZhang form third part

Arm details

about the different forces. there is more discussing this topic at the playlist

陰陽掌 YingYangZhang form, the third part, until the end.

How is the last jump…

The last side step, usage in application. There is more application video at the playlist, among this day videos.

About application of the 陰陽掌 YingYangZhang form
during the movements, the hands are touching the body and give opportunity to take knife or other “tool”, see how is it