-06 Forms, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, Linear form 八掌拳, Red Phoenix Faces the Sun 丹鳳朝陽 (dān fèng zhāoyáng)

20190726 Linear form 八掌拳(Bā zhǎng quán) Red Phoenix Faces the Sun 丹鳳朝陽 (dān fèng zhāoyáng)

The first movement is the heart, Red Phoenix Faces the Sun 丹鳳朝陽 (dān fèng zhāoyáng) (01, 02)

See the arm and body twisting (03)

The known 推太極 ( tuī tàijí ) exercise is the beginning of the form . See the yin-yang changes. (04)

open the joints fully before arms go up and down.

Focus that the foot fingers pointing forwards, like pulling the foot … (14)

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