Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, Kicks, Low kick 低踢腿 (Dī tī tuǐ)

20190803 Low kick practice and application 低踢腿 (Dī tī tuǐ)

See the kick and how the body is hided under the arms (01)
kick to knee high

more about hiding (02)

double kick, using both legs. Do not jump before the second kick (03)

see where to kick .. (04)

The target is the leg with the weight on, how … (05, 06)

Double kick, the second target is the leg with weight on it (06)

Do not let the opponent know what happens down, keep his focus up (07)

keep the arms working (08)

Lecture about where are the weaker points, where to hit… (09)

first kick to make the opponent move … (10)

play with the timing if you can … (11)

Move with pull up the leg like it was explained during Prague seminar 2019. (12)
remember do not jump

Move with pull up the leg like it was explained during Prague seminar 2019, and kick within the movement. (13)
Here even more important, remember do not jump When jump that is two count, the good is only one !!

Some move to find the open door (14)

see more at the playlist for this day…

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