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He JingHan talking about BaguaQuan series with English Subtitles EP08 ” Liangyi, Sixiang, Wuxing, and Bagua”

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HeJingHan talking about BaguaQuan 【with English subtitles】

Now Ep01, EP02, EP03, EP04, EP05, EP06, EP07,08 and EP12 is ready.

The new Episode today is the
He Jinghan Talking about Baguaquan 「EP08 Liangyi, Sixiang, Wuxing, and Bagua」【with English subtitles】

He Jinghan Talking about Baguaquan 「EP08 Liangyi, Sixiang, Wuxing, and Bagua 」【with English subtitles】

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What we do in this project : Add English subtitles to the 16 valuable videos. The playlist HeJingHan talks about BaguaQuan 何靜寒說八卦拳【字幕版】 contains 16 videos. Master He prepared these talks about BaguaQuan, and made them at home during lockdown in Taiwan. They are great, well organized, systematic materials.


HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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