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20200704 pole 棍 Gùn and saber 刀 dāo basic usage

The very first thing, that the 棍 Gùn pole is always stick to the body, that is the third control point


What kind of pole / stick is to be used ?
The weapon should be controlled with the whole body. If it is very light than we can use only arms, we lost the original purpose. During the video the length is said to be around eye high, and the diameter is around 3 cm. We also heard shoulder high stick. Actually the the size depends on the practitioner …
Using the heavy pole is definitely outdoor activity, do not risk it inside..
When practice use the body, 1.05 how not to use it…
1.25 shows the 3 point control again. When throw it out 3,05 also use the body. The pick up also body work, not just one arm…
The saber has the same theory, at 4,05 you see the today light saber usage with the arm. But with the heavy one it does not work. see below

【八卦盤龍】【20200704(02)】為何刀棍為重兵器? 其練法有何差異

The not sharp angle is to be supported with the body, like this moment at 4:50

Important that the saber arrow never point down to the ground. That case need plus on movement when start to do any movement. 6:07

The heavy weapon practice is not for hurting other, it is to change the practitioner body

【八卦盤龍】【20200704(03)】不同器械的使用 才能增加身體的多樣性

Differences about teaching army guys or someone to understand … long lecture
First practice with 棍 Gùn pole and after that with the saber.

【八卦盤龍】【20200704(04)】學任何東西 都應先掌握基本元素而非沉迷變化 練拳亦是如此

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