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Interview with master He Jing-han on Bagua quan

BAGUA QUAN The 8 trigram martial art

He Jing-han started to study Yang Taiji Quan at the age of 15. However after 6 or 7 years of studying he started to stagnate and he did not know how to proceed. At the age of 23 he was introduced to master Gong Bao Zhai and started to specialize in Bagua Quan.

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A brief exposition on questions about martial arts systems

The value of traditional martial arts lay in their teaching systems. Even if a martial artist trained to the highest level of ability, if he was unable to produce a method of teaching to guide later generations to reach this level his expertise would follow him to the grave and would have little effect on mankind’s culture.

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Systems of basic tendons (strength) pathways of the body

My article “Essentials of Horse Stance” (further only Mabu Article) was published in 2001 in the [journal] Taiwan Wulin, No. 6. and during four years it passed through many hands, giving rise to [arousing] certain attention and discussions. Some practitioners responded [reacted]: “This article’s emphasis is on the connection of tendon pathways of dang in the lower body, so what about upper body?” In reality, the system of tendon pathways of the upper body compared to lower body is much more complicated, it is difficult to explain it clearly, but since some people were modest enough to ask people below [like me] [or: did not feel ashamed to ask people below – an expression of modesty], I just want offer my hat [out of respect – another form of modesty] and shortly bring up a little of what I have learned, on one side to make an explanation for those who seek knowledge, on another side it can also be a supplement and enlargement of Mabu Article.

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