Looks like wrist movement but ….

2019 Prague, BaguaQuan seminar, Sunday afternoon

Can you see how to do ? starts from wrist that is right

Use wrist to move the partner arm to side, but the whole body is connected/integrated

More …

Another test, with comments …

Explanation, use the finger as axis and use the hand as door.see…
The lower arm bones position are changing. Do not use the center/axis.

Correction use the finger as axis and use the hand as door , do not move the arm ..

Keep the axis, do not use force on the wrist, just release

Use the jin system for this movement, open and stop

Use this soft force in every style

HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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[中華武育學會] 推敲太極拳/八卦盤龍
some materials could be added from HeJingHan book:
Bagua Quan Foundation Training
ISBN 978-1848190153

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