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20191205 About teaching methods

A lecture about different practice. The students have to do hard work in order to improve, but that work can not be done at class. Today is not possible to have e.g. circle walking class every time 2-3 hours walking, little adjustment and just walk, and all this for three years. That hard work will lead the body change what will help in the next steps. The recent detailed explanations would really help those who go thru the hard part …
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HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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[中華武育學會] 推敲太極拳/八卦盤龍
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some materials could be added from HeJingHan book:
Bagua Quan Foundation Training
ISBN 978-1848190153

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Chaoyang Park, Taoyuan City
Class Schedule for Baqua quan application
Every Saturday 14:30
Class Schedule for Tai chi quan
Every Saturday