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20200104 Three hand exercise 三手練習 (Sān shǒu liànxí)

The three hand exercise 三手練習 (Sān shǒu liànxí) is a basic one hit one defend exercise.
First no steps just see the hands. This is a basic one hit one defend exercise.

The defend at side up should be finished. The forearm, and palm turn out, use the side JIN. The movements must be well arranged …

from the next video 【八卦盤龍】【20200104(03)】練習架式不可隨便

Every movements must be strong, with target. Not just random hand waving.

The back/spare hand position is also given, do not just forget it.
At the beginning he attacking person is doing 弓步(gōng bù) step, while the defending doing 含機步 ( Hán jī bù )

The defend movements have to be their structure otherwise no force and the can not defend …

Why is it 3 hand exercise 三手練習 (Sān shǒu liànxí) exercise ?
The 3 types of hit , see

When the attack is defensed, go to other way immediately . When the basic movements are as above explained we can practice this part as in the video below.

The second level the movements are with steps, start practice it with the first movement.

For more details, and third level check the 【八卦盤龍】【20200104( xx) xx: 13-31 videos at the channel.
Might will come more here as well …

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