-01. foundation, Baguaquan

20190427 About basic body posture

We had explanation about expected, good body posture, and the today’s “normal” posture differences. Like today the spine curves are much deeper, the elbow points more to the side while it pointed fully backwards, the knees should move forward during walking, without any outside orientation.

The first video explaining the above thoughts via the book undefined
As the girl lived like the aboriginals in her first 10 years, her posture is like them.

This picture demonstrate beautifully the shoulder
undefinedposition and the knees pointing fully forward during walking

Another explanation based on the book “TIPPI MY BOOK OF AFRICA”

The other example is from the book

undefined. Here also the aboriginal, people living still in harmony with nature, give us good samples of the good human posture.

Learning Baguaquan, Taichi would be much faster if when we start it, our body posture is in the original stage. All styles are additions to that,

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