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20190601 Use the center of gravity 重心 (Zhòngxīn) for walking

Fromt the balanced walking should change to the Use the center of gravity 重心 (Zhòngxīn) for walking. See how…

The partner helps to feel the center of gravity 重心 (Zhòngxīn).
Make sure you do not use the back leg for pushing!

When the center of gravity goes forward, in the unbalanced position, there is an unconscious force comes. That should be used.

Practice at wall. Hands on wall, raise the front leg, release the wall, that helps find the force triggered by unbalanced position .

the arm is not pushing, just hold

Use this during circle walking, the step forward is using center of gravity to forward, that part is longer. Dang is opening but during this exercise do not use dang, that case change back to balanced walking.
This force is to be used fast walking. This force is used when hit, gives extra force to it !
The unbalanced position triggered force … So when hit the force goes first and after that arrives the leg. This way if the target moves away, still arrives to stable position.

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