-05 Circle walking and 8MP 推掌 和 八母掌式, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, Pushing palm 推掌式

20191226 Circle walking Pushing palm, use the relaxed way of the force

Relax /not collapse/ the muscles, open the joints to make the way of the force. Sounds magical ? 🙂 . When the muscles are relaxed, the force can go thru the joints.
The practice can be with the help of the partner. First put your hand to the partner shoulder/chest, than relax. The partner can push with body, this way helps you to build up the line of force.

The partner can also practice, try to feel to where the line of force built, where is it blocked. Not easy …

The relaxed muscle will lead to force. This way can be the joint be relaxed

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