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20200201 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) series 1

Good news for those wanna learn or review the Bagua PaoChui form, HeJingHan started to teach it again, many details and deep explanations!

The first demonstration with correction until the XX movements.

八卦砲捶 挑打(1) Bāguà pào chuí tiāo dǎ details (1)

八卦砲捶 挑打(2) Bāguà pào chuí tiāo dǎ details (2)

Some more of the tiāo dǎ details, emphasizing that the hand is sticking to the body during the movement in front of the body. And the next movement from left hit to right hit

Some thoughts about Linear form and PaoChui relations, naming, content similarities and differences. Might some English detail here later on…
From 2.30 explanation of how the hand goes sticking the body…

The next topic is about the scapula usage here at PaoChui, see that one in the next post titled 20200201 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) series 2

HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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