-06 Forms, Baguaquan, 八卦砲捶 Bagua Paochuei

20200201 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) series 2

About the scapula and arm connections, usage

After the tiaoda movement the from left hit we go to right side hit position. During this change the arms are connected via the scapula’s, that is how the force goes.

How the force goes during the tiaoda hit

How the hand goes when near body, always touch and push, and when leaving the body, leave to far. And more, see …

Testing the connections between arms thru scapula.
The story of Gong Baozhai at Taiwan, why he started practice PaoChui when they diagnosed TBC …

The scapulas have to be always on the ribs…
and hmm where are they actually ? 🙂
Demonstration about their controlled movements

Demonstration about scapulas controlled movements. If scapulas leaving the ribs, you can not use their force. There is no force when the structure is wrong, have to provide the route …

The four main joints have to be able to move and must be controllable, this is the basic of the structure. During the PaoChui Tiaoda muvement we practice the four main joints.

Bones jin and muscles … How can they work well, about some injuries. If no tear of muscle and tendon, no dislocation than we should move even when painful.
The force should follow the bones tendons and muscles line.

The scapula and shoulder position check, when one arm is up to vertical position .

When to use external and when to internal to adjust the body ?

The joints, scapula and shoulder must be at the right position to be able to use their right force…

Which point should be controllable to have full control of scapula and shoulder? See the lowest point of the scapula

The TiaoDa defend movement using leg and arm towards the same direction, see the details on the video

HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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