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20200201 Taichi practice with focus on collecting the yang force

The new year is here, so springtime when we should get more Yang !
We should have an upright feeling, the spine stretched up with the head, the arms always keep distance from the body… The next is a long video, first explanation and the demonstration is here from 3:14:

More details about the arm. The curve is stronger, elbows are not dropped dowm

Do the right movement, do not swap the similar ones

An “imagined” balloon under the armpit maintains a arm radius and the diostance between the arm and the body.

A great example, 李雅軒 (Lǐyǎxuān) master form is full of Yang energy. Video in the video.
See the head position !

The 轉身抱虎歸山 (Zhuǎnshēn bào hǔ guī shān) movement demonstration

Application possibility

HeJingHan Yang style Taichiquan, teaching in Taipei.
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[中華武育學會] 推敲太極拳/八卦盤龍
Instructor: https://www.facebook.com/hejinghan