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20200208 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) series 3

To 拉馬送馬-( Lā mǎ sòng mǎ- 15)

details for 橫推八馬 (héng tuī bā mǎ 9)

details for 切陰掌-8.(Qiè yīn zhǎng-8.) and 橫推八馬 9 (héng tuī bā mǎ 9)

Not possible to block a kick with hand, block the root of the movement. This is generally for all the defends, block – attack the root

Check this force

More details to 橫推八馬 héng tuī bā mǎ

Details to the 翻天掌-14. Fāntiān zhǎng-14. movement

to the 白鶴亮翅.7 Báihè liàng chì .7

Where comes the force in this defend ? Do not use the shoulder …

See the force of the short movement at the 橫推八馬 Héng tuī bā mǎ movement

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