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20200215 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) series 4 , to 霸王捆肘 (bàwáng kǔn zhǒu 17)

The 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) form from begining to 霸王捆肘 (bàwáng kǔn zhǒu 17)

The 霸王捆肘 (bàwáng kǔn zhǒu 17) movement details

泰山壓頂-16. (Tàishānyādǐng-16.) , 霸王捆肘 (bàwáng kǔn zhǒu 17), and 拉馬送馬- 15. (Lā mǎ sòng mǎ- 15.) details

Two version of the change. Do not forget that the power is at the elbow !

There is no preparation before elbow movement/hit

The movements must be accurate, corrections, mistakes from 泰山壓頂-16. (Tàishānyādǐng-16.)

泰山壓頂-16. (Tàishānyādǐng-16.), the first movement need correction !

Other details. The movements should be finished, the changes have to be clear…..

The weighted leg moves, no preparation, no changing of the weight, no move back

The weighted leg move and the other elbow goes forward directly. Again, no preparation, just go

About the elbow hit. It just goes, the power is on the elbow, not shoulder movement !

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