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20200229 八卦砲捶 (bāguà pào chuí) series 7 from 盤旋陰陽掌 (pánxuán yīnyáng zhǎng 21) to 推窗望月 (tuī chuāng wàngyuè )

Today’s new part:
22 左盤龍 zuǒ pán lóng
23 旋風掌 xuànfēng zhǎng
24 獻肘 xiàn zhǒu
25 反身掌 fǎnshēn zhǎng
26 雙風貫耳 shuāng fēng guàn ěr
27 推窗望月 tuī chuāng wàngyuè

自我排打 Zìwǒ pái dǎ excercise

The new part. These are all lower back movements. So the force comes from lower back. (13)

Application and details about 22 左盤龍 zuǒ pán lóng and 23 旋風掌 xuànfēng zhǎng.
The elbow is not releasing when we bend it, see … (14)

Lecture about Paochui parts related to different body parts, and demonstrating the waist force in this part. (15)

During practice we focus on the different body areas, they have to become automatic (16)

The 26 雙風貫耳 shuāng fēng guàn ěr 27 推窗望月 tuī chuāng wàngyuè details (17)

自我排打 Zìwǒ pái dǎ excercise, hit and receive the hit on own body. Anytime can be practiced but the body part should be stable.
Classmates can help as well, you stand in position and the classmate or friend do the hit.
Bamboo massage stick can be used for hit as well. Do not use big metal ones!
The “eh” sound helps, see how is it .. (18)

Massage sticks

What exactly the waist means, where comes the force? The two long muscle on the two side of the spine. Lecture and demonstration. (19)

The joints change to get close to the opponent body

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