-01. foundation, -05 Circle walking and 8MP 推掌 和 八母掌式, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, 跨虎式 (kuà hǔ shì) tiger step, Pushing palm 推掌式

20200229 Circle walking, walking ideas, tiger step

Use the 襠(dang), …
pull up the foot arch, …
how is it when the foot fingers are used… the tiger step

When walking the circle, the back leg comes up but the front is not moving forward, keep stable. To reach this keep the 襠(dang), pull back the front leg sole on the ground and this way the back leg has a very stable movement. And more in the video.. (01)

The feet should move, like pull up the sole. This will give stability to the stance. Here the fingers are not used (02)

The other way (actually this is the first during practice) when we walking forward and using the fingers to have the force to the forward direction. BUT NO JUMPING !
This is very good exercise for kids ! See how to do … (03)

The first pull up the sole give the force to the whole leg. Like the tiger walking (04)

about these two way … we should know both (05)

The walking forward and using the fingers to have the force to the forward direction. See the hands and the changing. (06)

and here (09)

Not jumping .. the strong forward force comes from the sole, see (07)

The back leg gives the force from the fingers, the front lag can add with the dang. First the back leg force have to use well than add the front leg dang force. (08)

Circle walking with this tiger step. The type comes here when the forward/front arm elbow bended, fist comes to chest. (10)

Front and back arm form curve together with shoulders and back. This way the front arm stays on the curve, not leaving tangentially (11)

The back arm during the tiger step. generally the back arm turned in .. see how (12)

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