20200613 exercises for kids

We had a new boy to the class, so Master He gave him (and us) some suitable practice

  1. The horse stance when the back is at wall or tree. That one helps concentrate more on the right structure as a little bit easier. Sorry no video about that one.
  2. The jumping. Remember not to use your knee but the hip.
    Hands are stretching down. Pelvis is is stable, kept horizontal.

The demonstration and instructions are here. 10


3. Crawling version 1. The crawling is very important to train our four big joints on the limbs. Use the opposite leg and arm together. The good if get close to the same side hand when step down. Try to do long steps.


4. Crawling version 2. The chest should be down on the ground …
(1.43) keep the legs in a horizontal plane, do not go to the side with the knee.
(as you see the boy is really flexible at hip, as he put his knee to the side, that is not correct)


5. The four limbs movements. Hands move with shoulder blades as roots, legs move with hips as roots!

【八卦盤龍】【20200613(20)】手以肩胛為根動 腿以胯為根動

How to explain to the boy to use the main joints to control the limbs. Control from the root

【八卦盤龍】【20200613(21)】用髖關節來控制腿 用肩頰骨來控制手

6. the shoulder blade movement exercise


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