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20200613 arm swing step basics

The side step arm swing step, use the dang ..

The step is from the dang, the two thighs are used. The lower leg keep horizontal. frequent mistake that the lower legs are not vertical they are doing the step. Also note that the stable leg is not helping with pushing/jumping.
see :


The structure is not changing, see the legs. Small or wide step all the same. Use the dang, keep the tension there.

【八卦盤龍】【20200613(02)】腿動仍有樁 樁可大可小
【八卦盤龍】【20200613(18)】騎馬步 維持到樁動 提腿撐襠平移

Another mistake when the legs are opening, like the knees are rotating out.
Important that when the stepping leg not arrived, the stable one already start moving. That is how this is one step not one two

【八卦盤龍】【20200613(03)】腿有襠勁 兩腿相拉

Open/stretch the dang without the step. Open , not rotate. The knee direction is not changing.


The moving habits are very hard to change, but necessary. 05

【八卦盤龍】【20200613(05)】腿如何去動要清楚 而非習慣而動

A straight arm straight leg exercise, lead us to use hip/dang. Important to move with the hip, do not bend the knee. Rise the bottom up, and keep the spine firmly stretched.


Keep the knee and the whole leg stretched and use the hip to do step. Do not use knee and elbow as the old habit would suggest 🙂
See the demonstration ! 16


See as after the above exercise TingWay used the dang for two step …

【八卦盤龍】【20200613(17)】撐地爬行 橫走用襠

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