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20190601 dang襠 crotch/bridge usage, training, plays in pairs

change the legs without jumping, like in the Linear form 八掌拳

if this one is clear than try the next when after one leg pulled up, the dang is opened than stepping down using the above leg change.

different movements to practice the dang.

one play, let chase the other one in the sweeping leg position, but remember keeping the side line and use the dang for jumping

The Pushing palm 推掌式 in pairs with side changes
1. when the inside leg pulled up instead of step forward down, using dang opens to a back step. Dang not released at all
2. when the outside leg pulled up instead of step forward down, step cross in front of the other leg.
One of the pair starting the change, the have to follow her/him.

see again the changes, with little application usage

during the changes, the rhythm is the change, not any more step

again, the same rhythm. during the change just like the normal step the back leg pulled up fast and the changed one is stepping down with force. (remember the second exercise above)

the last play in pairs for this post. Moving together, again one start other follows. Use the dang and change the posture. Always on one leg, and change

getting closer and leave far. Use the dang opening, not jumping

see the body changes, high/low angle changes during the movement

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