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20200314 twisting force exercise, a little bit of XingYi 形意拳 (Xíng yì quán)

While the joints as wrist elbow shoulder are not open, the baguaquan practice is hard. We can borrow some XingYi exercise to help open the joints. (03)

we can move longer (02)

Some more details (03)

See the foot. The weight is on the back leg, the stance can be short or long (04)

Corrections and demonstration from 10:00 (05)

Fist starts from the middle and use twisting force come up. See how (06)

More with the hand arm work
Asthe fist come up do bot go over the body middle line. Use the twisting power (07)


See the step one step and half follows. Use the dang, keep its force. (09)

About the 形意拳 (Xíng yì quán) movements

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