-01. foundation, -05 Circle walking and 8MP 推掌 和 八母掌式, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文

20200321 walking basics, do not extend the step with the knee

Do not use your knee when step forward.

Once again, Do not use your knee when step forward, extend the step from hip using dang and knee is not doing any extension. (01)

The body structure does not change, just move forward

do not straight your knee. Just use hip with dang !

Arrive with heavy legs, knee locked to the feet. (03)

Another exercise to practice this heavy arrival, pull up with hip and fall down. (04)

The leg and body goes up and than drop down together. The weight center is at the front

The body is not moving back, just up and down together with the leg. The knee is stable when the feet arrive, do not change the angle if the knee. (06)



Do it with longer step, keep the weight above lower leg so it will arrive with heavy force … (08)

A demonstration

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