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20200328 Move with the opponent, how to change

Practice during pushing palm / circle walking that your focus is towards the opponent – training partner. She/he should feel it. See the video with good and wrong structures .
(02, 01)

More about the right structure when you are next to an opponent. The arms act as shield, you might feel if some part of your body is not covered (03)


Your body structure is changing according the opponent movements/intention. What makes me feel dangerous must have the body reaction (05)

Pair practice, move in out and “defend” be live. Not form, react to each others movements. Do not rush, do slow. (06)

See, be aware the whole body movements. Feel the movements. This how to develop the reactions.

The reactions, dynamic movement, is continuous to every direction. (08)

How to come in to two others practice and take one of them. How to avoid it by the other two. Important to be dynamic and to react to the otters movements. Directions high low movements are all variables 🙂 (09)

movement and reactions (10)

The change ..

All of these movements come from arm swing. The movements based on the center (center of gravity changes). They are not simple steps. The center moves and the dang changes, these two are the basic source of the movements.
So if your arm swing is not based on center moves and the dang changes than better to polish it a little bit (13)

some more explanation of the arm swing connection (14)

Explanation of dang importance and usage (15)

About timing and observation importance (16, 17)

The changes must be fast, and come from the right origin, hmm hogy is ? (18)

The change like extending the step, comes from the dang. To be able to do it, the normal step have to made by dang as well …

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