--01. Jin system, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, Spiral dragon exercise 盤龍手 ( pán lóng shǒu), weapons

20200425 Elbow usage, weapon usage, Dragon hand practice lectures

Does it look like elbow bend? It is elbow goes in and hand remains.
See the good and wrong movements (06)

用肘要肘進 而非手回肘出

Where comes the force? Shoulder and elbow differences … (07)

打肘 用肘與用肩的差別

The second hit with elbow is flexible, the target depends the situation (08)


The elbow power is better if both arm and forearm keep the jin tension. The triangle force (09)

打肘 以筋為主 找出三角的尖

Do not use the shoulders, only elbow ..

打肘不用肩 筋撐成肘出

Demonstration of the elbow usage


Lecture about weapon usage and keeping the hands on body relations (13)

八卦為何手不離身? 兵者,詭道也

The weapons are the extended part of the body. Also many times they have support on the body.

兵器的使用 亦是不離身 變化由身出

Dragon spiral hand practice with tool support, weapons can be used during practice as well (19)

用家中椅子 來活練盤龍手

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