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20200822 the basic structure and the basic problems

Just a class end video greatly demonstrating the issue, and some additional thoughts…

The head the shoulder the hip the knee should be on the right position on one line when standing. When we are out from it that will strongly effect the structure stability.
So when the head goes forward, the chest drops in the hip goes forward or backward than whatever we do it will be far from the wanted.

the body posture problems

Just some own thinking.
If such a problem remains for long time than what happens with our long time hard working practice ?
Maybe would be worth to adjust the big differences before practice?
Or would the practice correct the problems?
Long time before I heard that some masters adjust the students, I mean the accepted close ones, first and start teaching after that. That might be solution, but really hard work for the teachers, so probably not possible in reality.
The structure is one just problem source, sure there are others….
From the teaching point of view that might be also a statement that everyone can practice but only those would receive more attention who worth it. Maybe one part of the worth is the balanced body.
Well that is not new information that a young person, a child has much better chance to reach advanced level.

Hmm based on this the highly advertises taichi as healing maybe not the reality ?
Or just I think too much now, let just have it. ??
Ideas, comments welcomed …

The body differences

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