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20200926 moral lesson on Teachers day

Reminder about martial arts practitioners must have the ability to self-aware and self-correct, do not follow habits when practice, and do not rely on teacher or groups for practice. Practice martial arts is one’s own choice, it is one’s own business. The improvement will not come from others help. If you just practice during the class when there is teacher that has no meaning.
Also lecture about the bad habits change. According to Teacher students must be aware what to do if they wanna change the bad habits. Teacher said what is the good way so students must check on their own and change from bad habit to the right way. Do not follow the comfortable habit … The arm swing as the very basic exercise but still students just follow the comfortable habit and do not use the forces have to be used (see around 9.00)


Practice one movement long enough and made it good.
If you (Teacher to student) practice many movement but all have problem, than I can not correct. Just practice one, but long enough.
What if practice one thing for a life but not get to good? ….
Body problems, …….
bad habits for body and heart or fantasy the habits….
Students should listen to Teacher ….

Teacher explains that changing the bad habits just depends on if the students really wanna change. So if the change is not that important, not the first priority than will be fail. Like the one writing these lines.
Generally like every Saturday have class, that could be the first priority. But actually for the students this is class is attended if there is no other things like classmate meeting, hiking activity etc so it is not first priority.
The other if the Teacher tells what is the good way, the students should or rather have to remember and follow the instructions
The arm swing example, it is wushu movement not a relaxed something. It was said many times but still ….

The kind person might be too kind for her/his own as well, and do not push enough. But would need more for success….
and others…

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