--01. Jin system, -01. foundation, Baguaquan, dang襠 crotch/bridge, Down Piercing Palm 下穿掌 ( Xià chuān zhǎng )

20200620 arm swing side step and Down Piercing Palm with obstacle

The well known arm swing with side forward steps and the Down Piercing Palm Lets see some details of the step and some exercise of it.

All the time during the step the dang must be there, do not release it. ..

The first video explains the importance go going back to the center and than go the other direction. 01

【八卦盤龍】【20200620(01)】練拳移動的習慣 一動回中央

This exercise helps to do the step right. Raise your leg near to the obstacle, go over the obstacle and stretch the leg near to the obstacle. Just like the step during the arm swing. All the movements are using dang stretching, no jumping at all. When you raise your leg the foot should be above the knee touching the thigh. The obstacle position is slightly above the knee hight. Well, at the beginning could be a bit lower. Remember, no jump!


Again, no jumping, use the dang tension and stretch to move. The legs are connected, not two legs independent movement. 04

【八卦盤龍】【20200620(04)】拔腿撐襠來橫移 而非左右跳

The same obstacle could be use to practice the Down Piercing Palm 下穿掌 ( Xià chuān zhǎng) 05

【八卦盤龍】【20200620(05)】下穿掌 搭配 提腿橫移

If someone os experienced enough then the two exercise can be done with the same (hight) obstacle. Obviously at the beginning, hm and maybe for long not…

The hip flexors should work well, see the right position of the foot for that.
(should be little bit higher …). the video is with the adjustments…


When go over the obstacle from the front… Here again, pull the legs at hip, do not use the knee up …

【八卦盤龍】【20200620(07)】移動兩腿都要拔 不可膝頂來抬腿

See the first movement of the Down Piercing Palm 下穿掌 ( Xià chuān zhǎng), when go under the obstacle. 10


Nice dang practices series with few obstacles. To practice side or front above and 下穿掌 ( Xià chuān zhǎng) in series.


After many dang exercises now it must be relaxed and warmed up enough, lets see how to move the body with the hip/dang. Escape from the saber 🙂 14, 15

【八卦盤龍】【20200620(15)】刀來撩胯 如何能走(1)
【八卦盤龍】【20200620(16)】刀來撩胯 如何能走(2)

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