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20200801 jumping, the knee force leads

The focus is on the knees. The knee leads the movement and therefore the body direction as well. The knee is the edge of the triangle.

【八卦盤龍】【20200801(01)】提膝彈跳 膝蓋方向很重要

side front direction jumpings are all driven by the knee

【八卦盤龍】【20200801(03)】提膝彈跳 膝蓋引導方向

When holding weapon, that is stable during movements. Good way to practice with this bouncing 04

【八卦盤龍】【20200801(04)】提膝彈跳 手上兵器不能晃

The next level when the knee just move a little but taking the whole body

【八卦盤龍】【20200801(05)】八卦拳走為先 膝蓋一提就動

Hit the hand with the knee. The hand stays the same position. This practice the knee force. The last moment at the upper position there must be the strong force


【八卦盤龍】【20200801(06)】提膝彈跳 練習膝蓋一提的力

The short knee movement.. strong force like before the highest position, but not high, and stronger

【八卦盤龍】【20200801(08)】提膝一瞬越短 越有力改變方向

The knee force going in and forward

【八卦盤龍】【20200801(09)】膝蓋方向 決定位移方向

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