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Three stances details 20190629

2019 Prague, BaguaQuan seminar, Saturday morning

Stretch the lines pull back from sacrum
Nekem itt jött hogy LINE nyújtásával fordult a csípőm előre

How to keep connections during the three stances

Wrist movements, what makes it good, move from the center, do not broke the movements

The first movement details, keep leading down,.spine up !
When on the side use the sacrum to lead the spine, coming back is a line, not curve
The force follow the bones
The tailbone..

the body to turn, think of the 6 lines

The power of the opposite movements
The use if if , the power comes from the opposite power

HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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[中華武育學會] 推敲太極拳/八卦盤龍
some materials could be added from HeJingHan book:
Bagua Quan Foundation Training
ISBN 978-1848190153