--01. Jin system, --02. breathing, -01. foundation, arms, Bagua pole 棍 Gùn, Bagua sword 八卦劍, Baguaquan, BaguaQuan qigong the tuna exercise, 龜鶴功 (Guī hè gōng), dang襠 crotch/bridge, joints, stretch, usage, weapons

20201010 focus on elbow usage day, Bagua pole 八卦棍 (Bāguà gùn) form series

Different movements all focus on elbow, the should be learnt well one by one

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--01. Jin system, -01. foundation, arms, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文

20200411 Control your movement and force.

Control your movement and force. We have learnt before that the when practice BaguaQuan the external/outside force going out, like during the hit, and the internal/inside force coming in, like pulling back the hand after/during hit. Using it try just touch the target and pull back, see how. Both force remain, do not lose any of them

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