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JIN system, Importance of the armpit tendons, training methods. With English subtitles

Why the the armpit tendons are so important.
Two trainings of the JIN system

【Stretch the Tendons and Bones】Importance of the armpit tendons, just like the crotch, lead the body

The first training looks like a push up, but slightly different …

【Stretch the Tendons and Bones】Push up and hop exercises for jin practice

an old post about this exercises: https://baguaquanlessons.com/2019/03/30/20190330-bagua-alapok-qin-azaz-inak-erositese-hasznalata/

The next training looks like a jump, but not as a conventional jump.

[Stretch tendons and bones] 2020062711 jumping bouncing when the force comes from the arm movement 1

Our sister is quite good in it

[Stretch tendons and bones] 2020062712jumping bouncing when the force comes from the arm movement 2

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