--01. Jin system, -01. foundation, -05 Circle walking and 8MP 推掌 和 八母掌式, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, HanJiBu(containing chances stance)寒雞步, heel power, legs, MaBu (horse stance)騎馬步, stances樁步

20200418 What the heel power is, how to train it

The Achilles tendon and its effect to the whole body.

The first exercise starts in the basic stance, rise up both heels and using the Achilles tendon, approach the heel to the ground. The aim is to consciously use the Achilles tendon. This is not a big movement, the heel is not reaching the ground. see (01)

千金難求的秘訣 腳後跟筋的鍛鍊

More detailed explanation and individual instructions (11)

撐腳後跟筋 以張開全身筋的網絡

The Achilles tendon need to be controlled, this is the first step (13)

Checking the students and individual instructions (02)


Checking the students and individual instructions (03)


Checking the students and individual instructions (04)


explanation, when the heel push down, that is not the heel bone but the jin (Achilles tendon)
the feet support on the ground is not the heel but around the yongquan
There is an opposite force could come between the heel and Yongquan … (05)

腳後蹬地 用的是勁 而非腳跟骨

During 馬步 Mǎ bù and 含機步 (hán jī bù) use the Achilles tendon as well
The heel rise a little bit and than the Achilles stretch down immediately.
When this stretch is good, it effects the whole body. (06)


When the stretch of Achilles is right than the force/stretch goes to the whole body, to the arms … (07)

往下的力量 張開全身的筋

The second exercise, when you can do consciously the first, stretch down the Achilles, try the second one.
Walk on little high object like one on the video. Practice both 擺步 扣步 (bǎi bù kòu bù.
The heel is not supported can go down a bit and use / try to find the balance. Here the whole body stretch coming from the Achilles stretch need to be used if the practice is right.
The practice is better if the foot opens more (the heel is turning out more) (08)


Second exercise, more about balance. Use the whole body from the basic structure. (16)


This is a basic skill for Qigong as well. ..
The old masters did not put weight on the heel, using this structure. Looks the feet is flat but the heel has no weight in it. Not easy to reach that point. Practice during Circle walking and 8MP 推掌 和 八母掌式 as well.


If you just put your wight to the yongquan, but do not have the force / stretch starting from the Achilles your structure is not stable and probably heart the foot as well.
The heel power is this structure not the heel bone support from the ground.


Use the Achilles as spring but with this practice no need sink before jump (12)

移動不用下壓 而是筋一繃就有勁

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