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20190627 Some cases when we are using the pull up the thighs force

2019 Prague, BaguaQuan retreat, Thursday morning

In this post there is step forward from the earlier discussed Pull up the thighs, the core of teaching

Stand up using the pull up the thighs force, see how

This kind of stand up, using the pull up the thighs force, was the way of measure the ancient lady elegance. The decorations on the head should not ring like the bell.

Practical reasons why martial art people use the stand up with force way.

How to use the pull up the thighs force during MaBu (horse stance)騎馬步

Demonstration to let us feel the different forces, 胯 hip joints ( kwa or kua ) and Dang襠 crotch/bridge

Very interesting lecture about forces and own experience as the basic of martial art Chinese medicine.

Demonstration, using different joints force

HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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