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20190624_28 2019 Prague retreat posts collection

The topics of this week

Monday morning

Pull up the thighs, the core of teaching 20190624

Straight line, curve, spiral how to use the force 20190624

Monday afternoon

Straight line, curve with the legs, how to use the force in the whole body 20190624

Straight line, curve with the legs, how to use the force in the whole body 20190624

Lecture about necessary steps in martial art 20190624

Tuesday morning

Keep the whole body connected 20190625

Spine wave 脊椎律動 (Jǐchuí lǜdòng) 20190625

Lectures about important basics regarding the net, usage .. 20190625

Basic Qinna 20190625

Opening the joints 20190625

Tuesday morning

Move away on one, no one-two 20190625

Tuesday afternoon

Transfer the weight from leg to arm 20190625

Wednesday morning

Circle walking details, kua / hip usage 20190626

Wednesday afternoon

Four changing palm 換掌四式 (Huàn zhǎng sì shì), using the connections, continuous force 20190626

Thursday morning

Some cases when we are using the pull up the thighs force 20190627

Thursday afternoon

Circle walking Pushing palm 推掌式(Tuīzhǎng shì) with focus on JIN stretching, palm turning, elbow position 20190627

Keep the line and extend … against Qinna/ChiNa 20190627

Friday morning

Use the line, release the shoulders 20190628

The Pushing Taichi 推太極 ( Tuī tàijí ) exercise in BaguaQuan with detailed discussion of related topics 20190628

Friday afternoon

More about the Pushing Taichi 推太極 ( Tuī tàijí ) 20190628

Shoulder joints opening practice 20190628

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