--01. Jin system, --02. breathing, -01. foundation, arms, Bagua pole 棍 Gùn, Bagua sword 八卦劍, Baguaquan, BaguaQuan qigong the tuna exercise, 龜鶴功 (Guī hè gōng), dang襠 crotch/bridge, joints, stretch, usage, weapons

20201010 focus on elbow usage day, Bagua pole 八卦棍 (Bāguà gùn) form series

Different movements all focus on elbow, the should be learnt well one by one

The day started with the tuna practice, where come out that the elbows are not relaxed enough 01

The elbow goes to the side. The movement is initiated from the small elbow muscles, not as everyone do with big arm muscles… 02

【八卦盤龍】【20201205(02)】focus on elbow go to the side not up use elbow only

Little jump to the sword usage, first for the kid practice, but everyone can see great points there. Cut from up to down, go to mapo and stop the sword just before the target. The movement is not from the arms… 03

【八卦盤龍】【20201205(03)】 kid training how to stop the sword use

The elbow circling is the next basic movement … 05

【八卦盤龍】【20201205(05)】focus on elbow elbow circling and its usage

If the above is well done, than we can move to the pole movements, using the elbow … 06

【八卦盤龍】【20201205(06)】 move the pole with elbow small muscles

Take a look to the Taichi playlist, you can see that the taichi movements were based on the elbow today as well here is the first video (Taichi 01 )

【推敲太極拳】【20201205(01)】 use the elbow to move

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