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20190624 Pull up the thighs, the core of teaching

2019 Prague, BaguaQuan retreat, Monday morning

“This is the core of my teaching, and I think this is the core of Chinese internal martial art”

“We need to really got it and practice it…”
Use only the hip joint, feel the force comes from the internal part of the thigh… see
What makes the different a structure from a pose…

Blowing the balloon and this force is similar ….

See how is it, closer view and some mistakes
This force makes the structure… This will lead the qi and the blood

If you do it right your bottom will leave the chair a little, this is a sign ..

Use this force when necessary ..

This force helps you in meditation as well

Demonstration where the students can check body usage during the exercise

When the hip joint is open, after many exercise, this pull up the thigh core exercise uses the space !

When the joints can be opened, they can be connected. If you can not open, go back and open more…

So if your hip joint is not opened enough yet, go back to use this opening exercise, and do it the right way. See how..

stretch at the side as well

Turn your leg from the hip joint ..

Load on the hip not the knee, than you can release the back leg

The curved line ..

Always move the joints, not the other body parts ..

The importance of hip opening and control of that ..

Use the internal muscles when pull up the thighs

The force first going up. Later if strong enough spreads to the side

HeJingHan BaguaQuan, Baguazhang Teaching Taipei.
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