--01. Jin system, -01. foundation, arms, Baguaquan, Chinese 中文, English 英文, Shoulder stretch 穿掌擰身 (Chuān zhǎng níng shēn)

20210327 the 穿掌擰身 (Chuān zhǎng níng shēn) shoulder stretch exercise

Exercise explanation, and emphasize the keep the line of force principle !

Detailed corrections and explanation 01


Keep the line of force, regardless how to practice, with or without weapon. The 穿掌擰身 (Chuān zhǎng níng shēn) shoulder stretch exercise explanation starts at 4:20. The arm the pointing forward fingers never move back, always keep the force and move forward.


Another post with 穿掌擰身 (Chuān zhǎng níng shēn) shoulder stretch exercise details with English explanation from 2018:

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