20190629_30 2019 Prague, BaguaQuan seminar: posts list summary

Saturday morning

About arm swing 甩手

Wrist twist

The curved line principle, never one force

About the JIN system, location, usage.

Elbow rotate details

Three stances details

Saturday afternoon

Waist practice for connection

Shoulder-blades moving, and breath out exercises

Circle walking details, and more …

Day end discussion, 2019 Prague, BaguaQuan seminar, Saturday

Sunday Morning

Elbow twist with kua (hip) and Arm swing details

The gongbu 弓步(gōng bù), and change between gongbu – baibu 擺步(bǎi bù). Use the unbalanced state

Down Piercing Palm 下穿掌 (Xià chuān zhǎng)

Sink before you move, momentum use

Sunday Afternoon

The BaguaQuan qigong the tuna exercise, 龜鶴功 (Guī hè gōng)

Pull up the legs pull yourself up, how is it ?

Looks like wrist movement but ….

Day end discussion, 2019 Prague, BaguaQuan seminar, Sunday

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